Stopping to smell the roses

28 Sep

One way or another, we had a pretty busy August. At the beginning of the month, the Friaress, youngling and I went on holiday to North Yorkshire (very nice; if I haven’t bored you with the photos already, I’m sure I will at some point), and we did the usual tourist stuff of visiting local sights, the odd meal out and so on.

Following that, we had visitors on each of the next three weekends, and we took them to do tourist stuff too. We went crabbing, mooched around shops without actually needing to buy anything, walked the walls in Conwy, played on the beach, wandered up into the hills and strolled along the prom at Llandudno as it went dark. By the end of it, we were shattered, but it had been great fun, and it made me realise that we never do that sort of thing on our own. We have all of these fantastic sights and activities around us, but we make very little use of them.

The same has happened to me before. For years, I lived within a few miles of Windsor Safari Park, and we always intended to visit but never got around to it. Then it closed down, so we missed out, and it was purely down to taking it for granted.

It’s difficult, because when you don’t have visitors there is always some job or other that needs doing, but we really should take more time to appreciate what’s on our doorstep. Not that anyone is likely to close down Snowdonia before we can next take a walk in the hills, but you know what I mean…