What a garden ornament this would have made

29 Jul

Over the weekend of 26th/27th July, there was an auction of vehicles and memorabilia at Silverstone.

Amongst the lots were two rather special ones (from my perspective anyway): a Harrier GR3, and a Tornado F3. We actually have the space to store one (maybe even both?!) of those in the garden, but I had assumed that they would go for incredible amounts of money – I had thought somewhere around £250k?

Apparently not. Whilst the Harrier went for £105,800, the Tornado went for a bargain basement £36,800 (story from the BBC here). Still not exactly the sort of money that we have down the back of the sofa, but given that it originally cost the M.o.D. something in the order of £9 million, it’s a bit of a steal!

Not sure what the cat would have made of it though…