A little fall of rain

25 Sep

Finally, we had some rain this week. I’ve been putting out bedding plants and donations for the last month or so, and they’ve all been looking a bit sad because it has been so dry (and I’m reluctant to water them – water costs money here!)

I still have a lots of plants to put out, but the ones I have seem to have virtually disappeared. What looked like reasonable sized areas to fill are actually very large – which is why the ‘small’ herb bed I dug over a few weeks ago took four hours to do. The front garden has absorbed 10 cyclamen, five trays of bedding, two shrubs… and still looks like bare soil. I’m hoping, with a bit more rain, that what is there will actually spread out, and in spring the 300+ bulbs I planted should also help.

It occurred to me that I ought to keep a record of progress, so I went out this week and took photos of the current state of the garden. I think it’s just made me realise even more quite how much work there is to do!