I think the cat is reading my blog

16 Sep

On the very day that I wrote my last entry (my, that was a long time ago), regarding the cat hiding, we lost her again. We checked the bedroom to see if she was there, looked in the wardrobe and everything, but couldn’t find her.

After a few hours, panic started to set in. We instigated room-to-room searches, went in the loft, the cellar, and all around the garden. Then we started searching the roads and neighbours gardens. I started to fear the worst.

During the hunt, I went in the loft three times. A couple of times, I wasn’t sure if I’d heard something when I was in there, so I took the torch up and went across to the other side of the crawl space, but no luck.

Still uncertain, I tried again. As I went through the door, I definitely heard a noise, so I pointed the torch into the corner, and there she was. The little minx tried to dodge me and scurry away, but I managed to grab her. But why did she hide so much? There can be only one explanation – she (or maybe the evil cat?) had read the blog, and was trying to teach me a lesson.

In a similar vein, have you ever wondered if something, somehow, was listening to your thoughts? How many times have you thought about how you hadn’t seen someone for a long time, only to bump into them on the same day? How many times have you quietly muttered to yourself “I’m in a hurry today, I hope the traffic isn’t bad”, only to get stuck behind a tractor on a winding road?

Of course, it’s all total paranoia – it’s merely that you remember the times when serendipity (or misfortune) strikes, and forgot all the times that it doesn’t.

Even so, I’m still not sure. Last night, as I set the alarm for my early start to drive to work, I thought to myself how good it was that my digital radio clock was still working so well, even though I’ve had it nearly 10 years. Sure enough, it froze overnight, so I was late heading off.

To misquote Catch-22, just because I’m paranoid, it doesn’t mean the universe isn’t out to get me.