A little fall of rain

25 Sep

Finally, we had some rain this week. I’ve been putting out bedding plants and donations for the last month or so, and they’ve all been looking a bit sad because it has been so dry (and I’m reluctant to water … Read More »

The evil cat made me do it…

22 Aug

I used to work with someone who, whenever he did something wrong, said “The devil made me do it”. It was an old family saying, and became a standing joke with him and his children. Recently, Matilda has started being … Read More »

Conquering the meadow

19 Aug

As well as non-opening windows and the remains of a bonfire slap bang in the middle of the garden, one of the things the previous residents left us was knee high grass covering what we have now christened “the meadow”. … Read More »

Trouble identifying my cardboard

6 Aug

In our old house, we had one, big recycling bin. Everything went in it – paper, cardboard, glass, tins, plastic, the whole lot. Here, things are a little different. We have a canvas bag for plastic and tins. There’s a … Read More »

Laurel trees. What are they good for?

28 Jul

Absolutely nothing  (to paraphrase Frankie Goes to Hollywood). Well, no that isn’t necessarily true.  Exhaustive research (i.e. reading the Wikipedia entry about laurel) shows that it is actually where bay leaves come from (I didn’t know that), as well as … Read More »